, The Officer's Wife :: Cast and Crew
Piotr Uzarowicz Producer and Director
Jan A.P. Kaczmarek Producer and Composer
Julie Janata Producer
Joseph Urbanczyk Cinematographer
Brian O’Hare Editor
Dave Spafford Illustrator & Animator
Beata Pozniak Voice of Cecylia

Piotr Uzarowicz
Producer and Director

Piotr is an award-winning director of theater and film in Chicago and Los Angeles. His current work includes THE VIRGIN FOREST, a fictional short film that was created using discarded footage from a documentary shot in Russia is on the film festival circuit. He also recently completed MIRACLE ON THIRD STREET, a documentary about Norwood Young and Youngwood Court (the House of 20 David statues), a famous fixture in Los Angeles. Piotr is an undergraduate of Loyola University and completed a MBA with post-graduate distinctions in Paris, France at an international business school. He has worked as a creative director at advertising and public relations agencies in Chicago, Germany and the United Kingdom. This is his first feature length documentary.
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