Touched by the Hand of God 1987

The concept of this promo directed by Kathryn Bigelow was proposed by New Order's manager Rob Gretton, who was inspired by the clichés of the videos of then-popular American glam metal groups on MTV. Bigelow intercut the band footage with a narrative between Bill Paxton and Femi Gardiner.

Roxette: It All Begins Where It Ends

As one of Europe's most successful bands, Roxette have scored more international hits, rolled out bigger tours and received more airplay than any other Scandinavian band. When Marie Fredriksson was diagnosed with brain tumor in 2002, it seemed like the Roxette saga had reached its tragic end. But Marie got well against all odds, and during 2009 and 2010 the group step by step laid the ground for a comeback that again created modern music history. In February 2011 Roxette kicked off their return to the world's stages with a tour that soon was dubbed "The never ending tour", since the bookings never ceased to drop in. The world hadn't forgotten Roxette and before the group played their final show in Mexico City in September 2012, they had performed their classic song catalog in front of 1,5 million singing, screaming and crying people in 46 countries. A film team joined the tour and captured one of the most unexpected and moving returns any band has ever done.

The Runaways Live in Japan 1977

During the summer of 1977 The Runaways took the unsuspecting nation of Japan by storm becoming the fourth most popular imported musical act behind Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. Unfortunately most of the available video footage from their two month tour is of fifth or sixth generation bootleg quality.

Ragnarock 1973

Dette er den første norskproduserte musikkfilm, tatt opp i Holmenkollen søndag 17. juni 1973. Med.: Aunt Mary, Sigbjørn Berhoft Osa og Saft, Hvalsøespillemendene, Merit Hemmingson och Folkmusikgruppen, Prudence, Splash, Savage Rose, Culpeper's Orchard, Skin Alley, Mungo Jerry, Pretty Things, Burken och Rockfolket og Popol Vuh. Ideen bak Ragnarock er blant annet å vise sammenhengen mellom folkemusikkrytmer og rockerytmer. Derfor er det fortrinnsvis skandinaviske grupper som er med - og i filmens åpningssekvens spilles både norsk, dansk og svensk folkemusikk. Konserten foregikk søndag 17. juni 1973 ved Holmenkollbakken.

Raffi in Concert with the Rise and Shine Band 1988

This first filmed concert by Raffi illustrates his immense charm. The soft-spoken singer leads his turquoise-clad, four-member band through 20 songs with a rapt audience of kids and parents singing along. Raffi's easy manner and fluid vocals create an atmosphere that is very welcoming to youngsters, easily going from cute songs ("Apples and Bananas") to popular songs ("Day O") to a Spanish number ("De Colores") without ever losing them. The video also captures another key element of Raffi's success--his gaze is always inviting. The songs (also available on CD) include Raffi favorites "Everything Grows" and "Baby Beluga" and lots of standards. A wonderful time for ages 2-10 and adults

A Beauty 1975

Shin Jung-Hyeon, Kon-Chi, and Dong-Ho are poor musicians. Since they have excellent ability but don't have money, they don't have jobs. A beauty treats them with kindness. She gives them money for the house and drink, and gives comfort to their minds, too. One day, they grow rapidly into favor. The beauty Shin Jung-Hyeon loves disappears. They thought her a student, but in fact, she is a call girl. Knowing this, Shin Jung-Hyeon sings with almost mad feelings.

Talking Heads: Capitol Theatre 1980

Rare concert footage of Talking Heads performing during their legendary Remain in Light trek has been unearthed after 35 years. Filmed four years before the band's concert film Stop Making Sense, this 80-minute performance was taped in stark black-and-white at Passiac, New Jersey's Capitol Theatre on November 4, 1980. The show came less than a month after the quartet released their landmark Remain in Light, and five of the gig's 14 songs are culled from that album.

Superchunk: Take The Tube 1993

This show at the University of London Union was the drunken culmination of six weeks of touring Europe from April to May, 1992. Even our faithful crew abandoned us into the stagediving frenzy of the throbbing throng of punters that packed ULU that night. The performance is followed by an embarrassing pre-show interview in which we try not to bare our souls. English beer, plenty of sweat and all the hits - what more could you ask for?