Shyness 1996

This animated short is a parody of the Frankenstein story. Dr. Frankenstein creates a monster only to find out that his creation is too shy to go out and frighten anyone. The good doctor and his malevolent assistant Trevor try to find ways of helping their creation overcome his condition.

Nougat 2002

We're introduced to Nougat (the forgotten candy ingredient) who has some serious issues

Die Barcarole 1923

Among Lotte Reiniger's commissioned pieces are several advertising films for the Julius Pinschewer agency, including: "Das Geheimnis der Marquisin" (The Secret of the Marquise) for Nivea skin cream and "Die Barcarole" (The Barcarole) for Pralinés Mauxion dessert. Other pieces commissioned by Pinschewer (e.g. a commercial for ink) are considered lost. "Die Barcarole" is an unusual take on the "Romeo and Juliet" theme, with the suitors arriving in Venetian gondolas (a barcarole is a musical piece whose measure is designed to resemble the swaying of a gondola).

The Magic Pen 1946

A western occupation propaganda film in which a boy repairs a western style doll that comes to life and uses a magic pen to rebuild his bleak and war torn world into a happy place resembling western civilization.

Fairyland Follies 1931

In the country of the Mother Goose tales, the students in the classes are very unruly, but always finish their lessons with music.