Hold That Rock 1956

Smedley is the manager of Balancing Rock Canyon where various boulders are perched atop high poles. As Smedley explains, the slightest noise is enough to send the rocks tumbling ("You gotta be quieter than a goldfish in a sound-proof aquarium") so it's hardly a surprise that he panics when Chilly Willy arrives selling various loud noisemakers among them firecrackers, a "boomerang brick", a joy buzzer, novelty gun, and exploding telephone.

After the Ball 1956

This cartoon is a bit of a bizarre experiment that asks, "What if Woody Woodpecker were the size of Tom Thumb and had to live in a bowling ball?"

Parlez Vous Woo 1956

Olive is so captived by "The International", a radio personality with a French accent, that she'd rather stay home than go out on a date with Popeye. Bluto, overhearing this, comes to the door as the character.

Plumber of Seville 1957

Hercules, a small, bulbous-nosed plumber, receives a note saying he must "fix leak at Carnegie Hall".

Round Trip to Mars 1957

Woody's vacation in the desert [is] interrupted by a German-accented scientist who thinks he has landed on Mars and wants to take Woody back as a specimen.

Half Empty Saddles 1958

Woody Woodpecker is wandering around the wild west again seeking to find some buried gold and he tangles with a crook who wishes to find the gold for himself. Woody finally disposes of the villain by shooting him into outer space via a rocket, another favorite method used by Woody to rid himself of whatever he wanted rid of at the moment. The horse steals the film.

Everglade Raid 1958

Woody gets a job as an alligator bagger, but the alligator has similar plans for the woodpecker.

Three-Ring Fling 1958

Breezy gets into the circus for free on kids' day, but penniless Windy has to resort to guile and intrigue in order to obtain a painful entrance.

The Bongo Punch 1958

Boxing bantam Pepe Chickeeto is continually bested in the boxing ring and considers retiring. Fortunately, he and his wife are expecting a son who, Pepe hopes, will carry on his great boxing legacy. He is quite disappointed when the son, Pepito by name, much prefers playing bongo drums to any kind of pugilism.

Yukon Have It 1959

A hungry Chilly Willy notices the good food the mounties get and enrolls for the job. Unfortunately, his enrollment photo is placed over a wanted poster for criminal Caribou Lou and officer Smedley presumes Chilly is Lou and gives chase.

Panhandle Scandal 1959

Bandit Denver Dooley travels to a lawless western town where he notices a sign, "No Bandits Allowed. Signed, Marshall Woody Woodpecker".

Log Jammed 1959

Woody Woodpecker gets into a mêlée with a lumberjack in the north woods. When the woodchopper chops down Woody's tree.

Robinson Gruesome 1959

Robinson Gruesome, marooned on a tropical island, has had nothing to eat but bananas for 28 years. Then Chilly Willy gets marooned with him.