Rafales 1990

On Christmas eve a journalist witnesses a theft in a mall and then tracks one of the thieves to later be taken as his hostage in the radio station he works for.

Orchids Under the Moon 1991

Jinpachi Nezu who lost both his wife and daughter during a feud against the yakuza 10 years ago while he was an accountant for their organization. One day he comes across a young idol and rescues her from being kidnapped by the yakuza.

Lieutenant Schuster's Wife 1972

After a policeman is murdered in an ambush, rumors surface that he was on the take. His widow sets out to catch the killers and clear her husband's name.

Gangsterfilmen 1974

An American gangster of Swedish origins returns to his homeland to set up shop as a morality crusader, much in the manner of the later phenomenon of televangelists. While indulging in behind-the-scene shenanigans including rape and murder, the gangster (played by American Clu Gulagher) preaches to large audiences, using mass hypnotism and show-biz razzmatazz to get his message across. The film also features a brief performance by Per Oscarsson, following his highly publicized "retirement" from screen acting.

The Law Enforcer 1986

A police officer is suspended for assaulting gang members who threatened a young woman and her boyfriend. Meanwhile, his fellow officers need help in catching a group of murderous thugs about to make a big time bust.

Ruthless Family 1988

Ruthless Family aka Ruthless Law is a Hong Kong Crime movie directed by Max Lee Chiu-Chun and starring Alex Man and Chan Wai-Man.

Wolf Trap 1984

Samat is an orphan, and he strikes up a friendship with Musa, who is wheelchair bound due to illness. Little does he know Musa has ties to the criminal world.

A Violent Separation

1983. In a quiet Midwestern town, a young deputy covers up a murder at the hands of his brother triggering a series of events that sends them and the victim's family towards a shattering climax.

John Faust

John Faust, a guilt driven detective, is offered a pact by the demon of vengeance. John Faust's lover is trapped in Hell. If he kills three serial killers using their own signature styles, he will be granted access to Hell to set her free.

La Carmen 1976

A young ex-seminarian named José is doing his military service in Córdoba. There he meets Carmen, a beautiful flamenco dancer who falls madly in love, to the point that he steals to get money for her, so he will be imprisoned. José does not support the separation and, when he is driven by the Civil Guard on a train, he runs off by jumping out the window. He then left for Madrid in search of Carmen, who now lives in the company of his uncle, the lame, master of dancers. The woman welcomes José coldly, although they engage in a strange and tense relationship behind the back of El Morao, her former pimp, who lives with her again (jsanchez, IMDb).

Manidhan Marivittan 1989

A naive man who is new in town gets entrapped in a crisis due to his resemblance with a gangster. The revelation gets shocking when the criminal turns out to be his own twin brother.

One Police Plaza 1986

A veteran New York City Police Lieutenant's investigation of a woman's murder uncovers corruption in high places.