A Woman and Her Four Men 1983

An epic tale set at the turn of the 20th century in a struggling fishing community, following the life of a woman widowed at the beginning of the film.

Under Suspicion 1937

Jack Holt stars as Robert Bailey, a Henry Ford-like auto industrialist who decides to give his millions away to various charitable causes. Naturally, this arouses hostility amongst Bailey's friends, relatives and associates, some of whom have murder on their minds.

New Cops 2016

An ordinary man (played by Tim Morton) lives a dull life till his friend Chet (played by Jimmy Kustes) comes over to stay for a few days. His friend ropes him to various schemes and generally makes a bunch of faux pas. His girlfriend (played by Johanna Sims) mostly runs around without alerting him of her whereabouts. He escapes his dull day-to-day existence by watching the TV show New Cops and dreaming various scenarios involving him being the President of the United States and Chet serving as his adviser. Chet recommends they hire detective Flaherty (played by David Maloney) to investigate a book heist at the local library.

The Death of a Security Guard 2015

A security guard has died while patrolling a residential community. His family suspect that it might be a suicide driven by a broken heart. As it is reported all over the media, rumors begin to circulate on the Internet. However, will the "truth" ever be found?


An uptight grad student reluctantly inherits his grandfather's property in Salton Sea but when he meets an offbeat local woman, he gets pulled into the sea's biggest mystery.

Remember to High Five the Salesman 2015

This unique, neo-noir mystery follows Alex, an out-of-town journalist with a destroyed reputation, as she struggles to write an article on a paranoid shredder salesman. When the salesman appears uncooperative, Alex hires a private investigator to dig into his past in hopes of finding the story she so desperately needs. However, the salesman has an unexpected change of heart and offers to teach her about his business, while dragging her into the dangerous world of secrets and the machines that keep them safe.

As the Devil Commands 1933

Slowly dying of an unspecified illness, wealthy invalid Charles Sellon wants his aide Neil Hamilton to end his suffering. Hamilton won't do it, but villainous lawyer Alan Dinehart, in line to inherit Sellon's millions, is not so charitable. Dinehart kills Sellon, then makes it look as though Hamilton murdered the old guy for his money.

The Thirteenth Chair 1919

Mrs. Philip Mason commits suicide after she has an affair with Stephen Lee, a disreputable stockbroker, and sells her husband's securities so that Lee can buy stocks. When Lee goes bankrupt, he blackmails Helen Trent by threatening to reveal silly love letters she wrote to him before she married. Her brother, Willy Grosby, and his fiancée, Helen O'Neil, who lives with the Grosbys, go to retrieve the letters. While Willy waits outside, Lee is knifed to death as he attacks Helen. Lee's friend, Edward Wales, attempts to pin the murder on Helen by having Madame LaFarge, a clairvoyant, conduct a séance. In the darkened room, Wales, through whom Lee's spirit supposedly speaks, is about to name Helen as the murderer, but Wales, who sits in the thirteenth chair, is himself murdered. After Helen confesses to Inspector Donohue that Madame LaFarge is her mother, LaFarge, while conducting another séance, tricks Philip Mason into confessing to the murders.

Are You with It? 1948

Milton Haskins, a math genius known for his infallibility with numbers, quits his job with an insurance company when he discovers he made a mistake, and hooks up with a traveling carnival. His knowledge of mathematics makes him a natural as an assistant at the wheel of fortune. His fiancée begs him to return to his job but he refuses, so she joins the carnival and becomes a striptease artist. When Milton attempts to drag her off the stage, a brawling mêlée breaks out and the entire troupe is arrested by the local police. The carnival is sold but Milton reveals that the new owner has conspired to defraud the insurance company. The insurance company has to accept the carnival in lieu of the money owed, and they allow Milton and his fiancée, Vivian, to stay with and help run the carnival.

The White Lie 1918

Gordon Kingsley lives happily with his wife Dorothy and little daughter Mary Jane. On visiting the home of San Francisco architect Frank Mason, he is shocked to discover a portrait of his own wife and daughter. Suspecting the worst of Dorothy, he hires a private detective....

Temple Tower 1930

The film depicts the character of Bulldog Drummond, a British adventurer and is based on the novel Temple Tower by Herman Cyril McNeile.