Hay un niño en su futuro 1952

Wacky rich woman subjects her husband, servants and friends to a series of elaborate masquerades, remodeling her house and wardrobe every couple of days to represent different historical eras or cultural milieux. Today she's Marie Antoinette, tomorrow she may be Pancho Villa's common-law wife or a nun.

Luiza 2017

"Luiza" deals with the delicate relationship between a disabled girl and the universe around her, having sexuality as the guiding thread to address issues such as prejudice, relationships between parents and children, family protection, autonomy, differences and love.

Breathing House 2017

Last gasps of the Seiza-sha house in Kyoto devoted to Torajiro Okada’s still-sitting meditation method from the late-Meiji era’s intercultural ferment. -JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film

Stories floating on the wind 2018

Along with vegetable and sea life, the camera is but one element of a sensual ride along a coastal road and playground in this masterful short. -JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film

Nagisa 2017

A boy and a girl. They’re classmates. Their poolside conversations during swimming class linger in the boy's memories. The boy recalls their conversations one by one. This is a story about a boy and a time in his life that he will never forget.


19-year-old Mikko works as a summer guard in a remote Finnish prison. Spending three months in a closed facility with convicts challenges his views on human dignity.


Ctrl+Alt+Dance is about Colin, a risk-averse computer tech, who falls for happy-go-lucky jazz dancer Jillian but is in danger of losing it all when a disgruntled hacker threatens to expose a hidden secret.

Kikenna onna 1959

Based on the Seichō Matsumoto's story The Woman Who Took the Local Paper.

Capitão Brasil 2017

When chaos takes over the streets, the life of a ten-year-old boy begins to crumble. It is at the moment when the desperation is based that Captain Brazil finds space.

Little Star 2017

The truth – so they say – is out there somewhere. Looking for it is probably a worthy start but everybody lives within a different version.