Out and About: The Movie Las Vegas

Wetmovie1 ( Bendan Mitchell) and his best friend Gabriel meet up with coolduder (Shawn C Phillips) in the fabulous Las Vegas. Join in on their adventure and see these three men take on Vegas!

Bitter Movie 1983

An unconventional director gets through a critical time in his life. His best friend dies in a car accident and he ignores his girlfriend. The last straw is when he is told to make a movie about his life.

House Movie 1972

The visual ‘documentary’ material in House Movie comprises essentially ‘home movie’ footage. While the great majority of this material was staged, re-enacted, or otherwise planned in advance, it is documentary inasmuch as the ‘actors’ play themselves and participate in familiar events in a familiar setting which does not represent, but is, their actuality. Taking into consideration the film’s musical form, it might be said that in terms of documentary, House Movie is an exaggeration of John Grierson’s definition.

Hercules Boogie 2004 The Movie

623 participants, aged between 16 and 73, from 18 countries made unbelievable 10989 jumps in 8 days. On this the 11th Hercules Boogie the C-130 made 140 loads.

HappinessCharge PreCure! the Movie: The Ballerina of the Land of Dolls

While performing a puppet show at a nursery, the HappinessCharge Pretty Cures are surprised when one of the dolls starts talking. “Save our kingdom!” Tsumugi, the ballerina doll, pleads. The Pretty Cures accompany Tsumugi to the land of dolls, a girls’ paradise of cute stuffed animals, talking dolls, music and dance ruled by the noble Prince Zeke. But the kingdom is under attack by the forces of Black Fang, a mysterious man who wants to conquer the land for his own nefarious purposes. As sorrow spreads throughout the Kingdom of Dolls, the Pretty Cures come to the rescue.


Footie (Lawrence Page) was destined to become a ghetto bastard after his father brutally killed his mother and then himself. Footie gambles with the law and lost. Now Footie is ready to create his own destiny and share it with his newfound love - Felicia. Footie gets a 9-5 job and avoided trouble... until trouble found them. Fired and broke, both Footie and Felicia find 2 one way tickets back to the streets. Surrounded by America's most dangerous criminals, Footie and Felicia fight to stay together UNTIL DEATH DO THEY PART.

The Violence Movie 1988

When a deranged killer (David E. Wilkinson) escapes from prison, he inexplicably invades the home of Joey Hammond (Joseph Shaugnessy) who must fight for his life in order to stay alive.

The Potty Movie for Girls: Starring Hannah!

Hannah needs to have her diaper changed before she can go out and play. But Mom and Dad have just brought home a big package, and she's anxious to see what's inside. Is it a rocking chair? Or maybe a bed for Teddy bear? No, it's a potty! It's time for Hannah to graduate from her diapers and learn how to use the potty.